Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Residence organized by the IICD Center is aimed at juxtaposing opposite metaphors, like South and North, displacement and proximity, location and movement, object and the subject resulting to a hybrid of ideas and individual context by the three artists in Residence: Dada Oluwaseun (Lagos, Nigeria), Obi Nwaebge (Abuja, Nigeria) and Vasco Manhica (Mozambique).

In the wake of all the realities of today’s global issues an artist genuine impression would tilt very much towards political issues as a subject or the object constructing the ideas reflected in his work, unavoidable as it might seem, he can still find sanity in the social balance created by the architectural marriage of two worlds apart that co-exit just by proximity of a wall or fence yet economical distance suggesting displacement and social class.

These limitations, movements and cross-breeding social landscape, political experiences and more are the ideas and narratives explored by the artists in residence at IICD Center and will inform the Artists talk this Saturday 28, November, 2015 at CCA, Lagos.

Friday, October 26, 2012

When the earth crosses the galactic plane on 21 December 2012 by 11:12am and aligns at the center of the milky way galaxy, will the Mayan prediction of the end of life become an epiphany of reality as much as all the apocalyptic fear: the dark rift, solar flares and magnetic field reversals be the end life on earth ….the end of the end, beside the fact that sun is 93 million miles from the sun and 165 quadrillion million from the milky way’s black hole. Will we be ushered into a new realization as supported by the BAHAI eschatology: those that accepted the messenger will be in the HEAVEN OF BELIEF while those that rejected him will be in the HELL OF DENIAL?.
What if this is the day of the SHEEP AND THE GOATS (The Judgement Day), from the words of Jesus Christ as believed in Christian eschatology or predicted in Islamic eschatology, “When honesty is lost, then wait for the Day of Judgement”, it was asked how will honesty be lost, O messenger of God? “He said when authority is given to those who do not deserve it, then wait for the Day of Judgement.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Paparazzi at Ahamefula 2011...the begining of the end.

Ahamefula...the begining of the end...11-11-11

How long is now…is a phrase that is stuck in my mind as I think of the “occupy Wall street”, how long will we occupy the street, just like the earth quakes in Washington, how long will we run and evacuate for safety, as the Irene sweeps our streets away…I am sick of wondering and hoping that things will be better, I just thought of my friends in Egypt and how long we stood there on the streets day and nights, my brothers and sisters in Tunisia and fleeing sisters and mothers in Libya as our fathers and sons take to the street with guns and roses….how long will we fight for true freedom? I have always said that true freedom is a true surrender…away from self.

Time is ticking every time you read a word in this note, even as you just blinked.
How long will we hope?



When we can’t stand on the pedestals of our fathers to even celebrate our said freedom? We run from the fears of Apocalyptic nightmares that has become day-mares…soon we will blow ourselves away again, time is really not on our side any more…we run for safety in our armored cars and walls dreaming of nights in day time…why do we prefer darkness for protection, why hope time will change their minds?
When time is no longer on their sides, as they have changed their method too; Quantity is the idea now. I mean quantity death is important…HELL needs filling as their clock is ticking; we need to fill HELL in time…because time is no longer on our side too.
We have brought hell in time to ourselves…our fathers can’t sit in the open air any more, else our children will kidnap them for a good ransom…our times have changed, time is running, this is only the beginning of the end.
I pity my children, they may not know peace, because we have sown seeds of contempt and bombs that will explode in time…



Baaaannnng !!!...

BANG !!! BANG !!! BANG!!!

……………….We the timed claim responsibility for the BANG !!!

They started it first with all the conspiracy of humanity and the dream of a global city free of hunger and poverty, masquerading us with tales of redemption and wars fought with pen and dark interest……..all is about interest.

Close your eyes and cry, close your eyes and see…see all the trills of fashion and trend as we all run through the run way, dominating the street with our brand name, as soon as the name is mentioned, we also must change the style because our fashion sense requires constant trill and fascination, so we must constantly develop new ideas to meet the desires to look like run way figures.

I just bought a recent android phone other with my master card, before my phone arrives the phone company just announced the release of another latest design and I am one step behind again, behind the latest phone, when will I ever have the latest phone at least for a week, brand names are all competing, emulating, innovating and rebranding styles, idea, concepts and even names to keep the trill in time.

Soon cars will run with water…they say if you can see it you can have it, we have electric cars, cable cars and then the flying cars we will call them flying cars…my pity will be for the birds, as we will soon develop traffic between this cars and the birds of the skies…black light for black birds and black cars, red light for red birds and red cars, blue for blue birds and cars, finally my pity goes to the parrot with multiple colours…please stop don’t imagine it.


And then comes the Ambulance…damn ! multi coloured Ambulance cars, one for the birds and the one for humans, cool ending…more bang, bang , bang and…
Bird-car-ambulance crassssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
God you are a cool smart guy…as you watch us help you end it.

Do we still have time?

Stop !

We are progressing at least you agree with me like my father told me in my third life;




I was UP once and created a SIDE effect on my mother’s belly and will soon be DOWN inside mother earth if there is anything like mother earth?…don’t pity me because this is the end of all things and all men…the question here is on which side will you be?
Like our world today.



DOWN !!!

Safety is now the most expensive commodity on the stock, everyone is selling and everyone is buying, fear is the merchant and “ the afraid” is the consumer …looking across our shoulders is now fashionable, soon our airline will replace the airbags with Air ” B” Proof Bags !

Someone should take my advice or leave it, after all it is free .

It is just the beginning of the end…politics is a career now, economic prophets have failed us as they couldn’t interpret the writing on the wall…then came the melt down…crack down and economic depression.

So what can be predictable in our time? Safety, economy, politics, religion, fashion, style, trend, today or time?.

Maybe time…let’s take all the clock in the world today and break or remove their batteries, but tomorrow will still come?…time is what is between everything from happening at the same time.

Listen…as it messes with my head…tick,tick, tick, tick tick…I will grow old and out soon…I hate the thought of this, mostly when i imagine all that my surgeon friend is doing to help me keep all the forms, like a three dimensional cubic monster…I pity my face because I will soon outgrow it, and my breast, damn ! I don’t want to think about that.
Ooopps, just let the illusion continue.

My face will be like the masquerade that we chased in the village…I need some fixing before they find out !!!


My breast.

God I hate to think of it…just ignore the idea please.

And my bikini…damn, do I confuse you…my names is changed and my voice as soft as the velvet petal of the rose…he loves me so…and we now live together.

I am living my dreams in pursuit of happiness…long dreams in time, as long as I don’t upset your head…and if I do Upset it then it is same idea.




Try and get me off your head, maybe to the side and possible down…it is just our time yes the age of information, imaginations, liberty and slavery.

Believe me…ignorance is freedom and knowledge is slavery…if you doubt me ask him !

Yes him ……Adam!

I am sick of sin like the devil…when will my redemption come ! where and how? I even have programmed prayers, call my phone and I will pray you one…it is not just a callers tune anymore…
today,this is how we pray, remember the advice, Pray without ceasing? So I do that when you call…I am tired of bothering myself about answers for our world…maybe you bother about that for a while, for me I am okay with the tunes.

If we all ring the prayers…maybe we will change the times and extend the time to the beginning of the beginning…and live in innocence and ignorance…because I just read the notice:

The Light at the tunnel has just been turned off!

Back to the dark age, wow maybe that is where we are heading to…oh my God, we are already there…courtesy of the power holding company of Nigeria.

Just before the Apocalyptic war…when the children of light and the children of the dark will collide on the streets of where?

Or don’t you think the war has begun already…from the street of Egypt to Wall street in New York …which side are you?


The painful thing is for some of us our side has been chosen for us before the war began, and you can’t change side anymore…just fight for victory for your SIDE.
Ensure your side wins or else you will go DOWN.

That is the point….Choice made Up, gives you a side and you are Down with it.
So now you are agree with me about our world today…..

Maybe that is where time is taking us all to, where everything that has been up before went down to and will go down to soon again and again…I am afraid because I have taken a Side, yes this is my side.

Choose your side or they will choose it for you…think about the end of your side, cos this is the beginning of the end.
And when the Armageddon war begins, what digit will your bear…take out 5 from 11 today, we will have 6 left…interesting?.

11-11-11 – 05-05-05 = 06-06-06…..the beginning of the end.

Digit…my phone number are digits, my ATM card digits, password digits, car code digits, door code digit, digit, digit, I see it everywhere today…where is digit taking us to?…I ask once more at the end, whose digit will you bear?

This is the beginning of the end !

We must part now part in time, to meet in time at the end of the end…for time is what is between everything from happening at once !