Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ahamefula II,09 09 09...of our times and generation.

Ahamefula; is about our times and generation, it is about movement, it’s about revolution, emancipation, human development and discoveries, civilization clashes and neocon upsurge, cultural conflicts, moral and ethical bias, spirituality and the society, apocalyptic nightmares and the hopes for a new enlightenment. This exhibition is mirroring the beginning of time and man. How and why is entangled in the game of time how we believe that we can rule time, besides the sympathetic truth that time has been set to rule man, how much that man has done in the beginning and now manipulating time and how that we end up entangling ourselves.
In the beginning of time man was to live eternal, man was to live as long as time, if we desire eternity as humans, who gave us these desire: the desires of eternity. Man desires to live beyond time even in our death (the pharaoh’s greatest desire).
Who left the desires of eternity in us? There must be a connection between our desires to be eternal and eternity, but whose desire was time fulfilling and whose desire was man fulfilling when he dies.
If in the past, man’s greatest desire was to live in time, through time and beyond time, how smart are we now; now that we have consciously made time so fast, we are living in the greatest times of man, the fastest era in the history of man, we are experiencing the X age, internet Age, when man travels in virtual space in seconds speeds to their destination, we have technologies that transfer information in less seconds, we communicate with the fastest telecommunication system in time…

My interest to work on time has driven me to study fashion trends, scientific developments, technological advancements, societal norms, believes and values; we are living in the age of imagination already, human experiences have gradually moved from static to spatial, we live more inside ourselves, we live in a society that encourages self gratification, self satisfaction, self and self…community is gradually vanishing from our vocabularies…our times are selfish, we live in an age of selfishness…
Time like I have always said is what stops everything from happening at the same time…time is what is between today and tomorrow, time is what is between life and death, time is what is between you and meeting and time also between us parting…time was before we came, time is taking us to the unknown…where is the unknown of time, will time remain unknown when we get to the unknown?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

National Youths Service Corps Workshop, Abuja

On Wednesday, March 18, 2009 approximately 1,000 recent graduates of Nigerian universities attended the program which is aimed nation-building and orienting the mindset of the youth to develop a better appreciation and patroitism was held at the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp in Kubwa, a suburb of Abu

Dr. Tom Adaba who was the special guest speaker spoke on the theme of the workshop" MAKING NIGERIA A BETTER NATION BEGINS WITH YOU "he admonishes corps members not to bedetered by the bad examples some of our past and present leaders, but to see themselves as agents of cange and to believe in themselves in whatever they are doing.

While, the U.S. Embassy Counselor for Public Affairs, Ms. Atim Eneida George who was the guest speaker used the opportunity to encourage her audience to participate in Nigeria’s development.

She admonished the assembled Nigerian youth to get involved in strengthening the country’s institutions. Her talk titled “The Power of Citizen Driven Development” addressed the importance of association, advocacy, agency, compassion, and sweat equity as tools for development. She stressed that the freedom of association, which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human rights as well as the U.S. and Nigerian constitutions, forms the bedrock of civil society, an essential ingredient in the democratic dispensation.

Also the initiator of the project, a cultural diplomate and art consultant; Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu found a way through the heart of the corpers in his words: I can hear someone say who is this guy…or who are these people…I am one of you, we are one of you.

I am one of who worked extra hours to pay his school fees…because there is no social system in my country.
I am one of you who was thrown out of the exam hall because I couldn’t pay my school fees,

I am one of you who walked to school every day because the mass transit I was told that was provided to carry me as a student has been sent out to raise fund for the school system,

I am one of you, who bought handout and textbooks every semester because I was told that if I don’t buy them I will fail not because I did not attend classes or read them.

I am one of you, that got involve, in juvenile trouble and activities, because the society says that if I don’t I am a Jew man.
I am one of you slept in the school hostel with other eight roommates…because the money allocated to the system to build new hostel was carried away in Ghana must go.
I am one of you, who have been there,… done this,… done that…
I am Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu…a cultural diplomat, initiator of the project re-imagine Nigeria!
Re-imagine Nigeria is geared towards re-educating, redefining, redirecting and repositioning Nigeria’s image, it also seeks to involve young creative individuals in a collective effort geared towards using our culture, which is the essence of a people to instill in us a deeper appreciation of our national identity.
In all the ruins around us every day, as I listen to the news, as i walk across the street and stop to take a bus at the bus stop, I still see butterflies flying, Then I stopped to ask what is in the caterpillar that makes you think it will become a butterfly…the butterfly is inside the caterpillar…what is in our great nation Nigeria that has stopped us from flying is inside us…what will makes us fly again is still inside us.
Every day we hear in the news terrible things about our beautiful nation Nigeria…hear me this day that all the damages that is going on…will not stop if you and me do not raise up to the challenge…we are experiencing , political instability, financial crises at global level, social unrest, social irresponsibility and image slandering.

Most of us are tied of the negativities and anomalies…as much as we desire change it is not automatic, never will and never can,the change we need today…must start with me and you.
Remember that pure water sachet bag that you just drank and dropped indiscriminately…I tell you my friend you have just added a 25years environmental pollution to this great nation.
Remember, how you walked to that bus stop and people are on the line, but you maneuver your way to the front…you just deprived someone his opportunity.
But today, I need you to remember that we are not what we did and where we have been is less important as where you are going…if we must re-imagine Nigeria, if we must fly and again, if we must build on our creative capital, intellectual capital and human heritage.
All that we will be needing is a little commitment to the national pride, patriotism, a change of view, change of mind, a little empathy, sensitive and involvement…just stop, take a new look, think anew, renovate and re-imagine Nigeria.

Thank you.