Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Residence organized by the IICD Center is aimed at juxtaposing opposite metaphors, like South and North, displacement and proximity, location and movement, object and the subject resulting to a hybrid of ideas and individual context by the three artists in Residence: Dada Oluwaseun (Lagos, Nigeria), Obi Nwaebge (Abuja, Nigeria) and Vasco Manhica (Mozambique).

In the wake of all the realities of today’s global issues an artist genuine impression would tilt very much towards political issues as a subject or the object constructing the ideas reflected in his work, unavoidable as it might seem, he can still find sanity in the social balance created by the architectural marriage of two worlds apart that co-exit just by proximity of a wall or fence yet economical distance suggesting displacement and social class.

These limitations, movements and cross-breeding social landscape, political experiences and more are the ideas and narratives explored by the artists in residence at IICD Center and will inform the Artists talk this Saturday 28, November, 2015 at CCA, Lagos.